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[:nl]Expertisebijeenkomst tijdens Twente Treasures creathon[:]

September 27, 2016
[:nl]Uitnodiging Tijdens de Twente Treasures creathon organiseren Ben Kokkeler (20Creathon) en Jeroen Ottink (Natura Docet Wonderryck Twente), een expertisebijeenkomst over ‘Innovaties in nieuwe combinaties tussen culturele- en landschapsinstellingen in Twente’ op vrijdag 7 oktober a.s. Deze bijeenkomst wordt aangeboden als onderdeel van...
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Food Waste Battle – Important Information!

March 8, 2016
Hey hey! Thank you all for your interest in 20Creathon and its upcoming Food Waste Battle. We were so pleased to see and hear all those positive reactions. We can’t wait to work together on the Food Waste Battle and...
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Do-Nut Waste Food

February 16, 2016
Did you know, that 1/3 of all the food produced become waste, before it gets to the consumers? For example donuts. Due to the strict specifications of the size, they have to be thrown away. On festivals there are problems...
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