Food Waste Battle – Important Information!

Hey hey!

Thank you all for your interest in 20Creathon and its upcoming Food Waste Battle. We were so pleased to see and hear all those positive reactions. We can’t wait to work together on the Food Waste Battle and create innovative ideas to stop this global challenge.


But, we do need to wait..


We are so sorry to inform you that we need a little more time to get most out of this event. Therefore the event is replaced.

The Food Waste Battle will now be held on May 24-25th, and it will be part of the Big Festival Hack during the Startup Fest. 


As of the Dutch saying ‘Elk nadeel heeft zijn voordeel’ – Every disadvantage has its advantage: This weekend you will have plenty of time to join awesome last minute opportunities, and in the end of May we can bring even more impact!


We very much hope to welcome you all in May.


P.S. Do you want to deliver some more impact and do you want to think with us about the details of the event? Please contact Elke Bies.

Phone: +31 (0)6 54 62 09 33



Have a nice day!

On behalf of the 20Creathon team,

Elke Bies

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De 20Creathon Events, change-making sessies zijn bedoeld om samen met uw klanten van de toekomst te kijken naar innovatiemogelijkheden. Intelligentie, schaalvergroting en snelheid in dit innovatieve programma geeft u snellere tractie, met betere ideeen. Deel uw idee met ons, of stel uw data beschikbaar.


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