20Creathon at Innovation Expo Amsterdam

On April 14th, 20Creathon will be at the Innovation Expo in Amsterdam.


20Creathon will present the solution to cope with excessive rainfall; Smart Rainwater Buffering.

This solution came out of the event in November 2015, Waterstress & Climate Change in the City of the Future.


‘Smart Rainwater Buffering is the solution to cope with excessive rainfall and prevent floodings in urban areas.’

Global Challenge – Local Action. Within the 20Creathon project we organize hackathons to solve local problems, which are globally applicable. The hackathon on water stress in the City of Enschede has given two innovative solutions:

  1. Make rain water barrels by providing them with smart valves that empty the barrel before the downpour is expected.
  2. Put buffer devices in specific hotspots that have the most prominent effect on flooding elsewhere.


You can find us here:


IJpromenade 2, 1031 KT, Amsterdam


More information coming soon.

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