What a weekend! 

After 24 hours of working on the sustainability challenge, it was time for the judges to pick the winning entry. Yesterday each team was given 3 minutes to pitch to the panel of judges.

It was truly amazing to see what the teams had built in 24 hours. Each of the teams solved the issue in the environment their way, and showed how they can help the citizens and the government to handle the water-problem more efficiently.

To meter out justice, we had an esteemed panel of judges from various capabilities: business development, landscape designer, policy advisor and an open data expert. The judges’ criteria was: functionality, innovativeness, influential, viable and elaboration.



And the winner is…

For first place, an unprecedented win was announced for team Proto: Margot, Peter, Nathan and Jur.

With less than 3 hours sleep they developed the ENSKETON during this creathon.

Our hearty congrats to the winners!


The first and the second place teams both won also an invitation at Enschede Municipalty and Waterauthority Vechtstromen, with the opportunity to present their solutions.

All in all, a great event. Until our next creathon – keep creating! 


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It was very nice to work with these students for a weekend. A lot of energy and great ideas. The local goverment of Enschede and the UT can work more together for watermanagment or other questions like mobility etc etc.


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