The essence of success is close collaboration. Knowledge of content is necessary, but the ability to cooperate effectively is just as important. During the 20Creathon Events we want the teams to be filled with different team roles.

Benefits for you (as participant): You don’t have to do everything by yourself: each team member brings his/hers own experience and expertise. A team role is a coherent package of skills. The team will be functioning better because everybody does what he or she is good in. One is good at planning, the other one is creative and the other one communicates easily. 


Are you the creative thinker? Do you think innovation oriented and is creativity one of your most important contributions? Are you the person that likes freedom and brainstorming? Are you the energetic person who likes to take initiative? Then the role of Innovator is made for you.


Are you the software and/or data specialist among the participants? Do you analyze the problems that needs to be solved during the battle? Can you evaluate the solutions properly? Are you the one with the most perseverance? Sign up as a developer!


The engineer is the one who provides the substantive contribution. Are you the person that can bring his/her knowledge, and do you have a preference for technical problems? Do you feel something to help the team to justify the idea in theory, and to bring it to a higher level?


The designer is there to create and invent new (beautiful) things. Do you feel addressed by the words liberty, brainstorming, improvising? Do you love beautiful images and colors? Do you want to help the team by ensuring that the end result looks the most attractive?


The businessman is (often) the leader of the team. Are you the who likes to compete with other teams? Do you take initiative and drag in your energy with the team? Is DOING your motto? Then you are the one who leads the team, with your managerial view and drive to victory.


Are you tactful, do you have strong communication skills and are you always out to improve the collaboration? Can you make a team out of a group people? Or do you have the secret weapon in you which will help the team to the winning concept? Sign up!